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Thank you for sharing your memories of Grammy.  You need to know that she was very proud of you.  Though she didn't always agree with some of the decisions, or choices, that you made - which is why she told you to get your head out of your (*&*@#).  She only wants the best for you.  She understands the problem far more than you think.  She was able to confont and overcome her own adversities much later time in life.  Having lived it, she didn't want you throwing the years away.  Time is something we can't get back.  Please go forward, not backward.  Make Grammy even more proud.  But mostly, she would want you to be proud of yourself.


Thank you for being there for me.


I love you.


Your Mom

One thing about Gram that never ceased, was her love for her family. No matter how hard times were, or anything for that matter her family was the most important thing. Shortly after she was put into the nursing home I went to visit her. Through struggling gasps for breath she said, "Get your head out of your ass!" I will never forget that...Always giving such colorful words of advice. Another characteristic of hers, let me know if you felt this too: When she hugged, she buried her face almost into your shoulder. And the chats we had...Gram, I'll take the hours and hours of conversation with me until the end when we finally meet again and can talk once again.
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