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~ Dad ~
The only comfort I feel is from you being with Mom. I miss you and hope you are in a better place. In her arms. Love & Miss U
~ Mom ~
There isn't a day I don't miss you. But none more than this time of year. Keep them both safe. I Love You.
Marcia Ingalls
Didn't forget all of you on Thanksgiving, just busy with family here and Danny's 31st birthday. Will never forget.
For You Dan
This day, 33 yrs. ago, the path of our lives was forever changed. You are there today, because of it. Never forget 11-11-81. Luv U
November 10, 2956
Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad. 58 years. Getting to spend this one together! Miss and Love you both, more than you can know.
Marcia Ingalls
10/27/38 Happy B-D Dad. You get to spend #76 w/Mom this year. Seems you finally got your wish. Love and miss You (and Dan + Mom).
Marcia Ingalls
In recognition of the reuniting of my parents after 6 1/2 long years. May God help Heaven. lol Love you both.
~ Happy Birthday Gramp~
Happy 95th? gramp. your party continues to grow up there! hi to gram, mom, dan, nick, etc . love & miss all of you.
Happy Mother's Day. A day of mixed feelings. Danny-so far away. You-even further. The man, who is the reason I am a Mom-lost.
~ M ~
Tell him I do miss him; not sure how to do this without him somewhere around here. Ask him to send me the answers.
~ Happy Birthday ~
Happy 74th Birthday Mom. I'm sure you'll be busy talking to a certain someone today. Love You both and am so sad.
He's on his way Mom
Sending him to you now Mom. We did all we could here; wasn't enough. Keep him safe. Remind him - I'll always love him.
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